China’s 19th Party Congress: U-M experts can discuss

October 12, 2017
Debing Su


Yuen Yuen Ang is an associate professor of political science. Her research focuses on international development, complexity studies and Chinese political economy. She is the author of “How China Escaped the Poverty Trap.”

“The most important things to watch during the upcoming party congress is whether Xi Jinping will alter the unwritten rules of political succession,” she said. “This includes whether he will step down after two terms and whether all officials will retire by the stipulated retirement age. If Xi changes these rules, the implications are huge. It means that the earlier norms laid down by Deng can be challenged, injecting tremendous uncertainty into Chinese politics and opening the door to vicious factional fights.”

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 Linda Lim, professor emerita of corporate strategy and international business, is interested in U.S.-China trade relations, the need for domestic economic and financial reforms, and China’s changing economic role in the world.

“The world will be waiting to see if, as expected, the Party Congress continues to support recent trends of maintaining state-owned enterprises, industrial policy and capital controls, or returns to earlier (2012-13) announcements of accelerated market liberalization (including in financial markets) and a stronger role for private enterprise in the move toward further economic upgrading,” she said.

“Relatedly, the world will be waiting to see if China will assume the role of champion of the existing multilateral rules-based international trading order (of which it has been the major beneficiary) now that the U.S. under the Trump administration says it is relinquishing.”

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 Mary Gallagher, professor of political science and director of the Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies, is an expert on Chinese politics, law and society.

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