Congress OKs budget bill: U-M experts available

March 23, 2018
Contact: Mandira Banerjee


University of Michigan experts can comment on the various aspects of the massive $1.3 trillion government-funding bill that was passed by Congress.

Richard Hall, Richard Hallprofessor of political science and public policy, is an expert on American national politics. He has studied participation and representation in Congress, congressional committees, congressional retirements, campaign finance reform, legislative oversight and lobbying in Congress.

Contact: 734-763-4390,

Betsey Stevenson, Betsey Stevensonassociate professor of public policy and economics, is a labor economist whose research focuses on the impact of public policies on the labor market. She explores the economic forces shaping the modern family and the potential value of subjective well-being data for public policy.

Contact: 734-615-9595,

H. Luke Shaefer, Luke Shaeferdirector of Poverty Solutions at U-M and associate professor of public policy and social work, is an authority on policies related to the social safety net. He studies poverty and social welfare policy in the United States, including programs like the child tax credit, earned income tax credit and the supplemental nutrition assistance program.

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Ann Lin, Ann Linassociate professor of public policy, has studied the most recent federal efforts to reform immigration policies. She can discuss the funding bill’s lack of provisions for DACA.

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Alan Deardorff, Alan Deardoffprofessor of public policy and economics, is an expert on trade and tariffs. He developed the Michigan Model of World Production and Trade, which is used to estimate the effects of trade agreements.

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