Contemporary issues, problem solving, fun and the fantastic featured in U-M curriculum this year

August 30, 2019
Contact: Sydney Hawkins,
Laurel Thomas

ANN ARBOR—From the issues that make news regularly such as our outdated unemployment system, human trafficking, national security and counterterrorism, to artists as activists, labor movements and cybersecurity, to vampires, monsters, aliens and “writing weird,” students will have opportunities to take a number of unique courses at the University of Michigan this year.

The classes are offered across the university’s 19 schools and colleges and through Michigan Online, the gateway to U-M’s online courses.

Farce World: A Survey of Low Comedy from the Ancient World (West and East) to the Trump Administration

National Security Council and Counterterrorism

Repairing the Unemployment Insurance Safety Net

Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect

LGBTQ+ Communities and Human Trafficking

Campus Sexual Misconduct: Prevention and Response

Human Rights, Mineral Extraction, and the Global Supply Chain

Information Privacy, Surveillance, and Exposure

Connected and Automated Vehicles: Standardization, Differentiation, Competition

Cybersecurity for Future Leaders

Vampires and Monsters

Frauds and Fantastic Claims in Archaeology


Writing Weird

Science Fiction & Social Justice

Mathematics and Social Justice

Exploring Computational Thinking Through Making

Designing the Future of Undergraduate Education

Policy Design, Strategy & Practice (unemployment policy, U.S.-China trade)

Hip-Hop Theatre

Immersive Media

Acting Outside the Box/Multicultural Acting

Adult piano (open to anyone)

This Might Get Loud: The Amplified Guitar, Its Players, Their Music, and What All This Means

Introduction to Electronic Music

Arts Entrepreneurship Essentials

Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project


Florilegium: A Plant Compendium

History of Art: Gender and Popular Culture

History of Art: The Art of Yoga

Art & Resistance: Global Responses to Oppression

Detroit Artist as Activist

Prison Vocal Workshop

Labor Movements, Inequality and Democracy

Inside-Out Prison Exchange Course

Engaging Performance

Podcasting the Twentieth Century

Project Community

Academic Innovation/Michigan Online:

  • Hearing Loss in Children (September 2019)
  • Concussions MOOC and Teach-Out (September 2)
  • Good with Words (December 2019)
  • Piano Literature (January 2020)
  • Sports Performance Analytics Specialization (January 2020)