Management Briefing Seminars Aug. 4-8

July 14, 1997

ANN ARBOR—-Auto executives Alex Trotman of Ford, Takeo Fukui of Honda, Tom Gale of Chrysler, Carlos Ghosn of Renault and Harold Kutner of General Motors will be among more than 50 speakers featured at the University of Michigan’s annual Management Briefing Seminars Aug. 4-8 at the Grand Traverse Resort near Traverse City, Mich.

More than 1,200 business and industry leaders are expected to attend at least one of the three annual seminars, which focus on major trends and issues in the automotive industry, in world-class manufacturing and in integrated product-process development. In addition, two programs on financial management and efficient layout for lean manufacturing will be offered Aug. 5.

  • The Automotive seminar, “Vanishing Boundaries,” Aug. 6-8, will examine the disappearing boundaries between all facets of the automotive industry, including manufacturing and product engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, and suppliers and manufacturers.

“This is a very uncomfortable trend for most of us because of our history of building and operating within well-defined structures,” says David E. Cole, director of the U-M Office for the Study of Automotive Transportation. “Although this is an extraordinarily challenging period, it also provides a great opportunity for those who are innovative and creative.”

  • The World-Class Manufacturing seminar, “Today and Into the 21st Century,” Aug. 4-5, will identify key challenges posed by increasing global competition in the next century.
  • The Integrated Product-Process Development seminar, “New Models and Methods,” Aug. 4-5, will explore new breakthroughs in product-process development, particularly in new technologies for design, analysis and rapid global communications.

The seminars are sponsored by the Office for the Study of Automotive Transportation at the U-M Transportation Research Institute and the Center for Professional Development at the U-M College of Engineering. 


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