Presidential inauguration, protests: U-M experts can discuss

January 16, 2017
Jared Wadley

Jan. 20 marks the inauguration of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump. The University of Michigan has experts, including one professor who will be in Washington, D.C., to discuss this event.

Aaron Kall, director of debate and editor of “I Do Solemnly Swear: Presidential Inaugural Addresses of the Last Forty Years,” can discuss the inaugural address.

“A politically divided nation after a closely contested election will be eagerly awaiting this momentous address, which will set the tone and tenor of Trump’s presidency and policy agenda,” he said.

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Michael Heaney, assistant professor of organizational studies and political science, examines the organizational dimensions of American politics. An expert on protest and social movements, he will conduct research in Washington, D.C., on the protesters.

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Matthew Lassiter, associate professor of history, can discuss topics related to modern U.S. history and the impact from Barack Obama’s presidency. He has written about Obama’s policy in the war on drugs, and law and order/crime control politics.

“When President Obama came into office, Republicans were determined to resist his domestic policies, especially the conservative movement’s willingness to shutter the government and hamper the economy to achieve political goals,” he said. “But the Obama administration’s own mistakes in dealing with Congress, and its inclination to search for middle ground in almost all circumstances rather than rallying the base when necessary, will ensure that the president won’t receive a ‘pass.’

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