‘Qamel’ wins top honors as modular commercial off-road vehicle

April 7, 1997
  • umichnews@umich.edu

ANN ARBOR—More than a “ship of the desert,” the Qamel is suited for multiple terrains and purposes. Designed by a team of University of Michigan students, the modular commercial off-road vehicle recently won top honors over 900 other entries in the First International Audi Design Awards Competition.

Conceived as a standard tractor unit, Qamel is complete with modular units designed for various functions including expedition, living space, emergency care, and communications. It is capable of carrying eight passengers and can provide living and storage space for four occupants.

The U-M team of architecture, industrial design and engineering students is just one of many at U-M involved in design projects developed by the Michigan Integrated Design Initiative (MIDI), a research and teaching venture supported by the University’s College of Architecture and Urban Planning and its School of Art and Design.

“The Qamel project is a perfect example of the platform team approach to design, which is at the core of all MIDI research and design activities,” says Prof. Colin Clipson, director of MIDI. “The major aim of MIDI is to practice integrating the knowledge and skills of the various specialists who make up the ideal, well balanced design team.”

The Audi Design Award will be used to support construction of concept validity models as part of the implementation phase of Qamel’s design development.

International Audi Design Awards Competition

Colin Clipson