“The Shattered Mirror”

October 19, 1998
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Michael Udow—U-M Professor of Music (Percussion), 30 years principal percussionist with the Santa Fe Opera (734-426-5814)


2-act, 2-hour, begun in 1986 and completed in 1998
On-stage percussionsts, chorus, dancers, principal singers

Principle Singers:

Tenor George Shirley—U-M Professor of Music, recently played Sportin’Life in Austrian production of “Porgy & Bess” (734-764-5595 or 734-665-7821)
Baritone Peter Lightfoot, singing with the Nashville Symphony, extensive recital tour in South Africa, faculty member University of West Virginia (304-284-8517)
Soprano Rebekah Nye—student U-M’s School of Music (734-975-4091)

Instruments: On-stage instruments created, selected and tuned at Sabian, Ltd. In Meductic, New Brunswick, Canada

On-stage: tuned B-8 cymbals, Terry Bozzio Radia cups, Radia bells, steel bells, tuned discs and crotales
Pit: Traditional tuned percussion including two sets of glockenspiel, 2 sets extended range crotales tuned seven cents apart, song bells, 2 vibes, marimba chimes, Mallet KAT Pro, piano and synthesizer

Scenic Designer:

Kasia Fenz from Krakow, Poland. (734-973-8270)


Jessica Fogel—U-M faculty member “Jessica has created magical moments of snake and ape-like creatures.” (734-647-2289 or 734-995-1329)

Costume Designer:

Ede Bookstein—has designed for shows across the country (734-763-8997 or 734-769-0833)

Stage Director:

Brent Wagner—director of musical theater program at U-M (734-763-9713 or 734-769-1887) Back to Percussion and a shatterd mirror news release

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