SNRE interim dean to be on public television Great Lakes special

June 8, 2001

SNRE interim dean to be on public television Great Lakes specialANN ARBOR—Does a new century hold change for Michigan’s waterways? Toxic and biological pollution in the Great Lakes is the subject of “The ‘Not-So-Great Lakes’ Revisited,” a segment of Michigan at Risk, to air on Michigan Public Television stations.

The program will be broadcast Monday, June 11, at 9 p.m. (EDT). Check local listings for time and the local PBS station for satellite transmission information.

Guests and experts interviewed throughout the program include Barry Rabe, University of Michigan interim dean of the School of Natural Resources and Environment; Russ Harding, director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality; Tracy Mehan, director of the Michigan Office of the Great Lakes; Mike Kamrin, Michigan State University toxicologist; Sen. Gary Peters, ranking Democrat on the state’s Environmental and Natural Resources Committee; and Sen. Ken Sikkema (R), chair of the same committee.

This presentation of WKAR-TV is a follow-up to a Michigan at Risk program, which aired 10 years ago. Like the first program, ‘Not-So-Great Lakes’ Revisited will look at water quality in all five Great Lakes and the effects of chemical pollution on Michigan’s waterways, wildlife, and humans. In addition, “Revisited” will explore biological problems caused by the introduction of non-native species into lakes, as well as examine the controversial issue of slant or directional drilling for natural gas and oil, and the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement between the U. S. and Canada. This special also will look at the current condition of the Detroit River, reported as a “toxic disaster area” in 1990.

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