Advisory:New developments with ” smart” vehicles occurring

May 23, 1995
Contact: Bernie DeGroat

Researchers at the University of Michigan’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program are available for media inquiries about new developments related to ” smart” cars, trucks, highways and mass transit systems. Nearly 50 faculty and staff engineers affiliated with the ITS Program are developing and testing:

The ITS Program, formerly known as the U-M Intelligent Vehicle-Highway Systems (IVHS) Program, began in 1987 as a consortium of industry and government partners organized through the U-M. Since then, the program has received support from the U.S. Department of Transportation and is now one of three national ITS Research Centers of Excellence in the United States.

For more information on ongoing ITS research at the U-M or to identify a researcher working in a specific area, call the number listed on the attached Rolodex card.