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  1. Visualizing nanoscale structures in real time August 18, 2022
  2. U-M researchers untangle the physics of high-temperature superconductors August 18, 2022
  3. Researchers identify hormone from fat cells that restrains tumor growth in mice August 15, 2022
  4. U-M teach-out: What’s next for abortion access after Supreme Court, recent statewide court decisions? August 15, 2022
  5. Landmark US climate bill: U-M experts available August 12, 2022
  6. Anonymous reporting systems in schools can reduce violence, increase student connectedness August 12, 2022
  7. AI could help patients with chronic pain avoid opioids August 12, 2022
  8. Victors for Veterans: Giving them something to smile about August 10, 2022
  9. U-M study: Local renewable energy employment can fully replace U.S. coal jobs nationwide August 10, 2022
  10. High school athletes in contact sports more likely to misuse prescription stimulants throughout their 20s August 10, 2022
  11. Study: Even modest climate change may lead to sweeping changes in northernmost forests August 10, 2022
  12. New long-necked dinosaur helps rewrite evolutionary history of sauropods in South America August 10, 2022
  13. How will the pending budget bill reduce drug prices for Americans? August 9, 2022
  14. Monkeypox: U-M experts discuss symptoms, spread August 9, 2022
  15. Most older adults ready to roll up sleeves this fall for updated COVID-19 boosters, U-M poll shows August 9, 2022
  16. Carbon emissions and grocery shopping: EVs and home delivery better, ‘trip chaining’ and robots best August 8, 2022
  17. Cumulative loneliness associated with accelerated memory aging in older adults August 3, 2022
  18. New global map of ant biodiversity reveals areas that may hide undiscovered species August 3, 2022
  19. What your company needs to understand about digital privacy (but probably doesn’t) August 2, 2022
  20. Consumers adjust to inflation as labor market expectations worsen July 29, 2022