1. Urgent revisions suggested for Spanish mental health materials June 11, 2024
  2. U-M receives $6.7M grant to study flu immunity in children June 10, 2024
  3. Novel AI method could improve tissue, tumor analysis and advance treatment of disease June 6, 2024
  4. Michigan Minds: One medicinal chemist’s mission to bring better medicine to sick and dying species June 6, 2024
  5. U-M retirement study receives $195M federal funding, largest research grant in university’s history June 5, 2024
  6. FDA advisory panel expected to recommend COVID-19 vaccines for 2024-25 June 5, 2024
  7. Solving the nursing shortage: U-M researcher proposes government funding fix May 30, 2024
  8. U-M-led Apple Hearing Study reveals prevalence of tinnitus May 28, 2024
  9. Avian flu spread continues: U-M experts weigh in May 24, 2024
  10. Study offers ways to boost participation in program promoting healthy pregnancies, infant growth May 21, 2024
  11. Young people find comfort in AI-generated responses May 21, 2024
  12. Housing crisis in Michigan: Report explores who owns, rents, has no home; examines racial gaps May 16, 2024
  13. Managing screen time by making phones slightly more annoying to use May 13, 2024
  14. U-M researchers receive Javits Award for work on stroke health disparities in Mexican Americans May 10, 2024
  15. ER screening tool can help identify youth at risk of experiencing firearm violence May 8, 2024
  16. Researchers hope new report fuels reproductive health care research involving minors May 8, 2024
  17. U-M hand health initiative pairs students with older adults to improve hand function May 7, 2024
  18. Alzheimer’s and Arab Americans: More research needed April 25, 2024
  19. Active shooter drills are meant to keep schools safe, but are they doing harm? April 24, 2024
  20. Squirrels benefit late in life from a food boom negating early-life adversity April 23, 2024