1. Another mass shooting at an American school: U-M experts available March 27, 2023
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  12. WHO director-general to receive Thomas Francis Jr. Medal at U-M March 9, 2023
  13. How households adapt to water scarcity: New study sheds light on hidden costs of global Issue March 8, 2023
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  16. Income affects maternal and infant health in some unexpected ways, U-M study finds February 28, 2023
  17. Producing extreme ultraviolet laser pulses efficiently through wakesurfing behind electron beams February 27, 2023
  18. Six U-M Carbon Neutrality Acceleration Program projects awarded a total of $1.2M February 23, 2023
  19. New research highlights DNA methylation as noteworthy biomarker for epigenetic aging February 22, 2023
  20. Researchers: Rethink e-cigarettes’ role in treating cigarette smokers’ nicotine addiction February 20, 2023