1. Inclusive play: U-M art professor leads creation of interactive game for kids with and without disabilities December 10, 2019
  2. Study: Water births are as safe as land births for mom, baby December 10, 2019
  3. U-M researchers discover stress in early life extends lifespan December 4, 2019
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  7. Rollercoaster weight changes can repeat with second pregnancy, especially among normal-weight women November 14, 2019
  8. Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink: Black women face a ‘contraceptive desert’ November 14, 2019
  9. U-M, MDHHS launch one-stop website to guide safe pain treatment across Michigan and beyond November 14, 2019
  10. Apple/U-M hearing study to focus on sound exposure in daily life November 14, 2019
  11. New research explains how HIV avoids getting ZAPped November 11, 2019
  12. Caring Camp: North Star Reach lets campers swap medical routines for freedom, fun November 8, 2019
  13. U-M’s new collaboration could help rethink trauma care in India November 6, 2019
  14. Federal program that punishes hospitals may not improve patient outcomes November 6, 2019
  15. New NIH grant helps U-M collaborate in India on genetics November 5, 2019
  16. Racial discrimination linked to suicidal thoughts in African American men October 30, 2019
  17. Living through Katrina associated with higher death rate among breast cancer patients October 30, 2019
  18. Implantable cancer traps could provide earlier diagnosis, help monitor treatment October 29, 2019
  19. Everyone in health care should know about opioids – and a free new online course from U-M can help October 29, 2019
  20. US-born residents more than five times likely to use prescription opioids than new immigrants October 25, 2019