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Re-Engineering Radio

Ask questions. Research. Test. Analyze. Iterate. Make lives better. Engineering begins & ends with people. Settle in with Michigan Engineering monthly for stories about breakthrough research & the people making it happen.

Business Beyond Usual

Business Beyond Usual is a podcast from MBA students at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. In each episode, classmates tackle a burning issue in the business world or business education. There are no rules, no moderators, and no boundaries.

Population Healthy

Population Healthy is a weekly podcast that digs into the important public health topics that impact our everyday lives. Produced by the School of Public Health, the show brings together experts to discuss population health issues from a variety of perspectives.

How To Science

How to Science is a show about the human side of scientists and the beauty of research, produced by the University of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. We insist that science is beautiful, accessible, personal, and human.
RE: Engineering Radio
CoE Communications and Marketing
U-M Ross School of Business, Marketing, & Communications
University of Michigan School of Public Health
LSA Advancement

Japanese Studies Radio Hour

An interview podcast with scholars, artists, and professionals active in Japanese Studies.

Michigan Iranian-American Oral History Project

The Michigan Iranian-American Oral History Project aims to digitally document the stories of Iranian-Americans with ties to the state and highlight their everyday lives.

Michigan Medicine News Break

The Michigan Medicine News Break is your destination for news and stories about the future of healthcare. Our daily briefing gives an insider’s perspective on cutting-edge research news, practical health information, and inspiring stories of survival…

Michigan Minds

Short-form podcast featuring quick, informative analysis from U-M faculty and researchers on a wide range of important issues.
U-M Center for Japanese Studies
Michigan Iranian-American Oral History Project
University of Michigan – Dearborn
Mardigian Library
Michigan Medicine News Break
Michigan Medicine Department of Communication
Michigan Minds
U-M Social-Public Engagement

Origin Stories

This series will uncover early motivations for building software for teaching and learning at U-M. We will explore what motivated our faculty to take their burgeoning tools and seek out partnership with the Office of Academic Innovation to grow their software.

RC Podcast

The everything-RC podcast. Tune in for updates from our students, faculty and staff on the awesome and often offbeat things happening in East Quad and beyond. From Shakespeare in the Arboretum to alumni publishing projects to student social justice…

The Daily Weekly

Editors and The Michigan Daily look back at highlights of the week’s news and discuss them.

Topics In Writing

The Sweetland Podcast Series: Topics in Writing features interviews with guests at the Sweetland Seminar about current topics in the teaching of writing. Each of these guests, an expert in the field, is interviewed by T Hetzel, a Sweetland Center faculty member.
Origin Stories
University of Michigan Office of Academic Information
U-M Residential College
The Daily Weekly
The Michigan Daily
LSA Sweetland Center for Writing

Working For The Weekend

A podcast about the hustle to one day hopefully enjoy a weekend. Every other week, Mawa Mustafa gathers a group of her fellow students in Part-Time MBA Programs at the Ross School of Business to have a discussion about a burning issue in their lives.

X and Why

X and Why is a podcast that is at the intersection of conversation, science, and technology. Professors Dave Pawlowski (EMU) and Aaron Ridley (UM), the hosts, discuss such topics as why we have not heard from our alien overlords (yet), how to deal with people who believe that the Earth is flat…

Break Away Podcast

The Break Away podcast offers a fresh way to engage and connect with the greater Michigan leadership community—a chance to “break away” from the new norms of our daily routines. Our podcast offers an anthology that magnifies and reinforces the challenges that leaders face…

A podcast from the English Department Writing Program at the University of Michigan about the hows and whys of teaching writing: insights, practical ideas, and philosophies from awesome writing teachers.
University of Michigan Ross School of Business
X and Why
Break Away Podcast
Behind the Scaffolding
University of Michigan English Department Writing Program

Dialogue UP

The Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR) introduces a podcast that talks about what’s up with dialogue in the real world. DialogueUP! features the amazing work of IGR alumnx near and far.
LSA/SL – the Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR)