1. U-M-led Apple Hearing Study reveals prevalence of tinnitus May 28, 2024
  2. Three new U-M ‘catalyst grants’ address PFAS pollution, wave energy, road durability May 28, 2024
  3. Improved refrigeration could save nearly half of the 1.3 billion tons of food wasted each year globally May 28, 2024
  4. Freshwater mussels: Investigating the remarkable reproductive cycle of Michigan’s threatened mollusks May 24, 2024
  5. Renewable grid: Recovering electricity from heat storage hits 44% efficiency May 23, 2024
  6. Most local officials support rooftop solar, a majority opposes nuclear power  May 22, 2024
  7. Public invited to free training for Michigan Bumble Bee Atlas program at U-M Biological Station May 21, 2024
  8. Costly gas separation may not be needed to recycle CO2 from air and industrial plants May 21, 2024
  9. Youth voices concern for improving disaster readiness policies May 21, 2024
  10. U-M experts will share work at next week’s Great Lakes research conference May 16, 2024
  11. Copper can’t be mined fast enough to electrify the US May 15, 2024
  12. Weekend geomagnetic storm: Experts can discuss potential US impacts May 10, 2024
  13. Public invited to free summer lecture series at U-M Biological Station May 8, 2024
  14. A leap toward carbon neutrality, CO2 to methanol May 6, 2024
  15. More local officials see relevance of electric vehicle planning, cite costs of preparation May 1, 2024
  16. Missing link in species conservation: Pharmacists, chemists could turn tide on plant, animal extinction April 26, 2024
  17. Vast DNA tree of life for flowering plants revealed by global science team April 24, 2024
  18. Could automation, electrification of long-haul trucking reduce environmental impacts? April 22, 2024
  19. Climate change will increase value of residential rooftop solar panels across US, study shows April 19, 2024
  20. Nationwide survey reveals fresh insights about community perceptions of large-scale solar April 16, 2024