Business & Economy

  1. Virtual panel to discuss the impact of Michigan’s redistricting efforts on the 2022 midterms November 28, 2022
  2. FBI Director Christopher Wray to speak at U-M’s Ford School of Public Policy November 23, 2022
  3. High interest rates, stock market turmoil add to consumer worries November 23, 2022
  4. U-M surveys reveals five patterns in consumer responses to inflation November 22, 2022
  5. U-M Innovation Partnerships reports 433 inventions, 16 new startups during fiscal year 2022 November 22, 2022
  6. Qatar World Cup: U-M experts can discuss November 21, 2022
  7. A retail tale: U-M experts can comment on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and influence of inflation November 21, 2022
  8. U-M economists expect ‘mild recession,’ though auto sector strength should curb worst effects in Michigan November 17, 2022
  9. Musk’s Twitter ownership is more complicated than he might have anticipated, U-M expert says November 17, 2022
  10. New website answers child care providers’ questions about Michigan child care subsidy November 16, 2022
  11. Detroit eviction filings on track to return to pre-pandemic level as COVID-19 protections expire November 14, 2022
  12. Detroiters say quality K-12 schools is top policy priority for November elections November 3, 2022
  13. From ambulance driver to investor: U-M student creates fund to seed Ukrainian entrepreneurs October 28, 2022
  14. Sentiment at standstill amid economic uncertainty October 28, 2022
  15. Local government officials offer mixed reviews to Michigan’s new approach to redistricting October 26, 2022
  16. As election draws near, U-M experts tackle interaction of social media and democracy, for good or ill October 24, 2022
  17. Investor financial literacy, confidence work together to increase stock market participation October 19, 2022
  18. Proxy advisers have inherent incentive to create controversy, study shows October 19, 2022
  19. Michigan local government officials cite good rapport with each other and public, despite divisive discourse October 12, 2022
  20. September jobs report: Employment growth slowing, remains strong October 7, 2022