Science & Technology

  1. As online presence grows among local governments, officials express preference for in-person meetings May 26, 2022
  2. Models predict that planned phosphorus reductions will make Lake Erie more toxic May 26, 2022
  3. Planets of binary stars: Targets in the search for alien life May 23, 2022
  4. Emulating impossible ‘unipolar’ laser pulses paves the way for processing quantum information May 23, 2022
  5. University-developed software that doubles 3D printing speeds hits the market May 17, 2022
  6. Polarized Instagrammers fueled media coverage of NFL athlete activism May 16, 2022
  7. Nanobiotics: Model predicts how nanoparticles interact with proteins May 16, 2022
  8. Ancient grains: Grant will help U-M researchers rethink Roman diets May 16, 2022
  9. U-M scientist part of group to reveal first image of the black hole at the heart of our galaxy May 12, 2022
  10. Livestock and dairying led to dramatic social changes in ancient Mongolia, U-M study shows May 11, 2022
  11. Nonlethal parasites reduce how much their wild hosts eat, leading to ecosystem effects May 11, 2022
  12. Astronomers find ‘gold standard’ star in Milky Way May 10, 2022
  13. Bali-like temperatures in Wyoming? Fossils reveal tropically hot North America 95 million years ago May 10, 2022
  14. Lake Erie quakes triggered by shifting water levels? Study finds no smoking gun, urges further research May 9, 2022
  15. Tropical vegetation benefits less from elevated atmospheric CO2 than researchers previously thought May 5, 2022
  16. Mentioning ‘white privilege’ increases online polarization May 4, 2022
  17. Cold-survival strategies in animals: A spectrum, not either-or May 4, 2022
  18. Natural gas could bridge gap from gasoline to electric vehicles, thanks to metal-organic frameworks May 2, 2022
  19. Four U-M faculty members to join American Academy of Arts and Sciences April 28, 2022
  20. New language-learning algorithms risk reinforcing inequalities, social fragmentation, per U-M study April 27, 2022