Experts, advocates weigh public health approaches to end gun violence

February 6, 2024


DATE: 10 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 13

EVENT: “Public Health Approaches to Ending Gun Violence”

The free, public event will bring together academic researchers, law enforcement, municipal leadership and gun safety advocates to discuss the role of public health in addressing gun injuries and deaths. It is part of The Exchange, the University of Michigan School of Public Health’s ongoing series of critical conversations on public health issues.

  • Keynote speaker: Brandon Wolf is a nationally recognized LGBTQ civil rights advocate, leader in the movement to end gun violence in America, and survivor of the 2016 shooting at Pulse Nightclub.
  • Panel discussion: “The Legislation Tightrope: Policy Solutions to Gun Violence” includes April Zeoli, associate professor at the School of Public Health and Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention, who will share her research on extreme risk protection orders—red flag laws—and their impact on firearm violence. “Firearm violence is not inevitable,” she said. “We have laws that rigorous research suggests save lives. But to save lives, we need to implement these laws and get firearms out of the hands of highly dangerous individuals.”
  • Panel discussion: “Build the Big Tent: Community Engagement Solutions to Gun Violence” will be moderated by Justin Heinze, associate professor at the School of Public Health and director of the National Center for School Safety. “The unfortunate reality is that no community is immune to gun violence,” he said. “Neighborhood communities, school communities, faith communities, communities with shared identities—all can be affected and each has something to teach researchers about gun violence prevention and recovery, improving our science and its impact.”

REGISTRATION is required. A livestream option is available.


SPONSORS: U-M School of Public Health, U-M Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention