Fancher wins award for motor vehicle research

May 2, 1997

UMTRI researcher Paul Fancher wins national award for motor vehicle research.

ANN ARBOR—Researcher Paul S. Fancher of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute has been given the National Award for the Advancement of Motor Vehicle Research and Development by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The award is given annually to one person in the nation who has contributed prominently to advancing knowledge on motor vehicle safety, energy savings or environmental impact.

Fancher’s research on the dynamics and control of cars and heavy trucks in the context of crash avoidance has led to improved vehicle design and has formed the basis for new and improved standards in braking performance, tire traction, truck size and weight, and lateral stability of double- and triple-trailer trucks.

His current research centers on adaptive cruise control, which automatically adjusts a vehicle’s speed as it senses other vehicles ahead.

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute