Four faculty members named to professorships

June 17, 1999

ANN ARBOR—University of Michigan Regents, at their June 17 meeting, appointed four faculty members at the School of Business Administration to endowed and titled professorships.
Rajeev Batra, professor of marketing, will hold the Sebastian S. Kresge Professorship of Marketing, effective Sept. 1.
Russell J. Lundholm, professor of accounting, will hold the Arthur Andersen Professorship of Accounting, effective Sept. 1.
Joanne Oxley, assistant professor of business administration, will hold the First Chicago NBD Corporation Assistant Professorship of Business Administration, effective Sept. 1.
B. Joseph White, dean and professor of business administration, will hold the Wilbur K. Pierpont Collegiate Professorship of Leadership in Management Education, effective Sept. 1.
Prof. Batra is “an accomplished researcher and teacher,” said Dean White of the School of Business Administration. “He is highly regarded by colleagues both within the University community and in his profession. He plays an important role in doctoral education in the School, and received the 1991 Faculty Fellow award from the American Marketing Association Doctoral Consortium. He is a dedicated scholar working in the area of global branding and advertising, consumer attitudes toward brands, brand personality, and emotional advertising.”
Prof. Lundholm’s “professional achievements, research interests, and academic standing in the professional accounting community make him the ideal holder of the Andersen chair,” White said. “His professional contributions to the field of accounting education and research have been excellent. He has maintained a strong record of publishing and presenting his work. Prof. Lundholm is also a strong teacher, receiving consistently high ratings from degree program students and also teaching in our Executive Education programs.”
Prof. Oxley is “a very promising scholar working in the area of business-government relations in the global economy. She has a solid list of publications in her profession’s top tier journals. She also serves as a reviewer for several of the most prestigious journals in her field. She is an excellent teacher in both our undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and has also taught in our Executive Education program, normally the province of our more senior faculty.”
Prof. White was named the School’s dean in 1991. “Under his visionary and seasoned leadership, the School has become one of the top-rated educational institutions of its kind across all dimensions: undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and Executive Education,” said Susan J. Ashford, associate dean of the School. “The faculty of the School is now one of the strongest in its history, and nationally recognized on multiple fronts. The student body as well has benefited from his leadership. There is no business school in the country which can claim this School’s record on minority admissions and graduation rates.”

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