State of the Union address: U-M expert available to discuss

January 23, 2018
Contact: Jared Wadley


President Trump will deliver the State of the Union address Tuesday, Jan. 30, during the joint session of Congress. A University of Michigan expert is available to discuss the address, the expected boycott by several political leaders, and Trump’s first year in office.

Aaron Kall Aaron KallAaron Kallis the director of the U-M Debate Program and Debate Institute. He is the author and editor of the newly released book, “The State of the Union Is…: Memorable Addresses of the Last Fifty Years.”

“Presidents use this type of speech to tout their accomplishments, propose a laundry list of policy proposals and prod Congress into acting,” he said. “Trump’s speech likely won’t try to reinvent the wheel regarding the structure, and he never misses an opportunity to boast of his accomplishments.”

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