Ten faculty members retire

September 18, 1997
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Ten faculty members retire

ANN ARBOR—Ten University of Michigan faculty members were given the emeritus title by the U-M Regents at their Sept. 18 meeting.

Those retiring are Joseph B. Adelson, professor of psychology; Robert T. Blackburn, professor of higher education; Dorothy E. Booth, assistant professor of nursing; Dale A. Davis, associate professor of management and accounting at the U-M-Flint; John T. Headington, professor of pathology and of dermatology; Elliot Juni, professor of microbiology; Edwin L. Miller, professor of business administration; Georgine M. Steude, assistant professor of anesthesiology and of obstetrics and gynecology; John W. Weigel II, librarian; and L. Yvonne Wulff, librarian.

Prof. Adelson joined the U-M faculty in 1956. “Throughout his career, he has focused on two areas: adolescence and the psychological aspects of social and political issues,” the Regents noted. “His work has had a lasting influence, both within the social sciences and the intellectual community as a whole. Many of his papers are classics: reframings of key issues that have been supported and sustained by subsequent research. He will long be remembered by his colleagues and students for his broad intellect, his rich interest in the arts and humanities, his tough-mindedness, his sense of humor, and his graceful and elegant prose style.”

Prof. Blackburn joined the U-M faculty in 1966. “During his years in the School of Education and the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education, he taught a wide array of graduate courses and collaborated extensively with students, both in research and publication. He served on the School of Education Executive Committee a number of times, most recently in 1992-95, and also served on many other School of Education and University-wide committees. He has also been an active member of FAIR (Faculty Against Institutional Racism), a campus-wide faculty group.”

Prof. Booth, who joined the U-M faculty in 1987, “has received multiple community and academic awards in recognition of her devoted service to gerontological nursing education and practice and to the community of elders,” the Regents said. “Following her retirement, she plans to continue her collaborative research activities and will also work with the School of Nursing’s Office of Student Affairs to assist students of all levels in the preparation of scholarly papers.”

Prof. Davis joined the U-M-Flint faculty in 1982. “His research has focused on the automotive area,” the Regents noted. “He has written approximately three-quarters of all the corporate procedures now in place at Volkswagen of America Inc., and his research culminated in the basic financial analytical and reporting structure of the Volkswagen Foreign Trade Zone in Westmoreland, Pa. He has appeared on television as part of a network series on the world automotive industry and has appeared locally to comment on domestic content legislation and the automobile industry.”

Prof. Headington, who joined the U-M faculty in 1964, is board certified in both anatomic and clinical pathology as well as in dermatopathology and dermatology. “He has been the institution’s premier dermatopathologist and has received numerous awards from the Departments of Pathology and Dermatology, the Medical School, and national and international organizations. Dr. Headington has been an active member of numerous professional organizations, including having served as secretary-treasurer and as president of the American Society of Dermatopathology.”

Prof. Juni, who joined the U-M faculty in 1966, is “noted for his dedication to teaching and research in the area of microbial metabolism,” the Regents said. “During his tenure at the University, he taught basic microbiology to medical students and microbial metabolism to undergraduate and graduate students. His research contributions have as their focus the elucidation of metabolic pathways and the mechanism of genetic transformation, and the use of genetic transformation and nutritional assays for the identification of bacteria. He has been recognized for his scientific contributions by having an organism named after him—Acinetobacter junii.”

Prof. Miller, who joined the U-M faculty in 1964, has been “an excellent teacher and faculty member. He has been a central figure in the M.B.A. curriculum for many years and was involved in the early design of the M.B.A. core curriculum. His involvement in the beginnings of the school’s Asian strategy and other internationalization initiatives eventually led to such flagship programs as the M.B.A. domestic corps, the M.B.A. Africa corps, and the Center for International Business Education, among others. He also oversaw the development and growth of the school’s Division of Research.”

Prof. Steude joined the U-M faculty in 1968. In 1983-89, she acted as section chief of obstetrical anesthesiology. She also was section chief of pediatric anesthesiology in 1985-89. She served as interim chair of the Department of Anesthesiology in 1989-90. “In 1991, Dr. Steude took a sabbatical leave and gained additional postgraduate training in pain management. She then became director of the Acute Pain Service. She continued seeing chronic pain patients on a weekly basis while managing one of the larger acute pain services in the nation. In 1994, she became board certified in the subspecialty of pain management of anesthesiology.”

Weigel joined the University Library in 1964 as physics/astronomy/mathematics librarian. “Mr. Weigel’s career at Michigan gives much evidence of his strong commitment to the library’s collections,” the Regents said. “In the early 1980s, he served as the library’s personnel and staff development officer. Later he was selected to help implement the library’s on-line public catalog, MIRLYN. In the past several years, he served as coordinator of Access Services and Collection Services for the Shapiro Science Library. A recognized leader in science librarianship nationally, he served as president of the Michigan chapter of the Special Libraries Association.”

Wulff joined the U-M in 1978 as head of the Medical Center Library. “She had a comprehensive understanding of how excellent medical libraries should be run and a strong devotion to providing outstanding service. Ms. Wulff not only guided the growth and development of the services and collections of the Medical Library, but also eventually assumed responsibility for the other health sciences libraries, in public health and dentistry. In 1987, she was named assistant director for collection management for the University Library. In 1993, she became the library’s first program director for international initiatives.”


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