U-M adds Early Response option to undergraduate admissions

June 7, 2007

ANN ARBOR—Prospective freshman applicants will have a new tool available?the Early Response option?when they apply to the University of Michigan for fall term 2008.

With the Early Response option, U-M will guarantee admissions decisions by Dec. 21 to freshman applicants who complete their applications by Oct.31. U-M Early Response decisions are not binding. All admitted students will have until May 1, 2008, to accept the offer of admission, and all applicants, including Early Response applicants, are free to apply to additional schools and may choose to accept their offers of admission.

The new Early Response option will be offered as an enhancement of U-M’s standard rolling admissions process. U-M Rolling Admissions and Early Response admissions decisions will be based on the same criteria, and all applicants will have the same potential for admission.

“Early Response will benefit prospective students and their families in many ways, especially among students for whom Michigan is their top choice. It will provide certainty earlier in the process and lessen the anxiety of a long wait,” said Ted Spencer, associate vice provost and executive director of undergraduate admissions. “We will continue to offer our regular, Rolling Admissions option in which student can apply anytime, up to Feb 1, and will receive an admission decision approximately 8-12 weeks after completion of their applications.”

“Early Response and Rolling Admissions applicants will have an equal opportunity for admission,” said Lester Monts, senior vice provost. “We are adding this new program to ease the process for those who want to decide sooner where they will go to school. It will also provide the University with a more exact means of monitoring and controlling our admissions flow, which is growing increasingly heavy each year.”

Applications activity at U-M began a marked increase in 2002, culminating in the most recent (2006-2007) admissions cycle with more than 27,400 applications received and a correspondingly strong increase in the number of students who decided to accept the University’s offer of admission.

In fall 2007, admissions decisions to admit, defer or deny for students who apply for Early Response for fall 2008 will be made on Nov. 9 and 23, and Dec. 7 and 21. Rolling admissions decisions will continue approximately every-other week throughout the winter and spring.

The Early Response option is available in four of U-M’s six freshman-entry level schools and colleges. The School of Art & Design and the School of Music, Theatre & Dance release decisions following portfolio review and auditions, which typically occur later in the admissions cycle, and will not participate in the Early Response option.

Merit scholarship awards to incoming freshmen will continue to be made in the fall and winter; need-based awards will continue to be announced on a rolling basis beginning in March, following the completion of required application materials, the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Financial Aid PROFILE and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students should check the financial aid website for specific information and deadlines ( http://www.finaid.umich.edu/).

U-M has long encouraged prospective students to apply early in the admissions cycle, and has seen the trend grow over recent years. Most recently, in the 2006-2007 admissions cycle, applications received early in the cycle increased by 4 percent overall and nearly 17 percent among underrepresented minority applicants, specifically, in part due to stepped-up outreach to prospective students.

“We are committed to do our part to be sure everyone knows that the Early Response option is for all freshman applicants who want an early response from Michigan,” said Chris Lucier, director of recruitment and operations in undergraduate admissions. “Early Response will provide them more time to anticipate the transition from high school to college, with certainty of their destination, time to make campus visits, delve into financial aid resources, and do all the other important things that go with making that next great step into their futures.”

Notice of the new admissions process will be sent to high school guidance counselors across the country. Essay questions that will appear on the 2007-2008 freshman application are available online at: http://www.admissions.umich.edu/essay

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