U-M experts available to discuss Census Bureau’s latest data on poverty

September 10, 2012
  • umichnews@umich.edu

ANN ARBOR—The Census Bureau is expected this week to release its latest data for poverty and incomes for 2011, and University of Michigan experts are available to discuss the report. They include:

Sheldon Danziger, director of the National Poverty Center and the Henry J. Meyer Distinguished University Professor of Public Policy at the Ford School of Public Policy, is studying the effects of the Great Recession on workers and families. His research focuses on social welfare policies and the effects of economic, demographic and public policy changes on trends in poverty and inequality. He is available at (734) 616-8321 or sheldond@umich.edu. Danziger shares his forecast and policy prescriptions for alleviating poverty in this short video:

Laura Lein, dean and Katherine Reebel Collegiate Professor of Social Work, has conducted research on the interface between families in poverty and the institutions that serve them. She is author of nine books on welfare, health care, children, and families. She can be reached at (734) 764-5347 or leinl@umich.edu

Kristin Seefeldt, assistant professor of social work, can discuss how low-income individuals understand their situations, particularly around issues related to work and economic well-being. She can be contacted at (734) 763-3372 or kseef@umich.edu.

Luke Shaefer, assistant professor of social work, has published articles on low-wage work and U.S social policy. His work also explores barriers to unemployment insurance faced by vulnerable workers, including less-educated single mothers, and the effects of expanded public health insurance eligibility for children and families. He is available at (734) 936-5065 or lshaefer@umich.edu.

Sarah Burgard, assistant professor of epidemiology and associate professor of sociology, has conducted research on the way systems of stratification and inequality impact the health of people and populations. Her current research focuses on the variety of conditions that characterize “bad jobs” and how these influence health over the career. She is available at (734) 615-9538 or burgards@umich.edu.