Virtual demo of Mcity’s test concept for highly automated vehicles

See how the methodology works as a Level 4 AV must safely navigate seven scenarios that commonly lead to crashes

June 10, 2021
Contact: Susan Carney,
Nicole Casal Moore


DATE: 10-11 a.m. June 17, 2021 (journalists are welcome to participate in the Q&A during the event, but if more time is needed speakers will stay for a media availability until 11:20 a.m.)

EVENT: As state and federal agencies, transportation officials and industry increasingly call for a standardized approach to validating safety of autonomous vehicles before they’re tested or deployed on public roads, Mcity will hold a remote demonstration of the Mcity ABC Test—an independent methodology for testing Level 4 automated vehicles inside a closed test track. Level 4 vehicles are truly “driverless.” No human interaction is needed, but unlike fully autonomous Level 5 vehicles, they are limited in some way—by speed, weather conditions or location, for example.

The virtual demonstration will show how the Mcity ABC Test works for seven common scenarios that lead to crashes: merging onto a highway, one vehicle cutting in front of another on a highway, a vehicle door opening in the path of another vehicle, a deer in the path of a vehicle coming around a blind corner, an unprotected left turn, a pedestrian crossing an intersection at a crosswalk without following traffic signals, and merging into a roundabout. These scenarios are a subset of the 50 that Mcity researchers recommend automated vehicle developers select from, based on where the vehicle is designed to operate, to prove they can navigate them before they continue development on public roads.

Mcity officials will discuss why this type of testing is critical to ensuring both safety and public trust. They’ll demonstrate the methodology via video using Mcity research vehicles at the Mcity Test Facility, U-M’s proving ground for advanced mobility vehicles and technologies. Mcity is a public-private partnership led by U-M to accelerate advanced mobility vehicles and technologies.

Speakers include:

  • Huei Peng, director of Mcity and Roger L. McCarthy Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Greg McGuire, associate director of Mcity

About the Mcity ABC Test: The three-pronged ABC approach involves Accelerated evaluation, Behavior competence and Corner cases. Accelerated evaluation speeds up testing by concentrating on the most common risky driving situations. Behavior competence puts vehicles through a set of scenarios that correspond to major motor vehicle crash frequency. Corner-case testing focuses on situations that test the limits of automated vehicle performance and technology. In this virtual demonstration, Mcity focuses on demonstrating automated vehicle “behavior competence.” The methodology in large part can also be applied to accelerated evaluation and corner test cases.

REGISTRATION: Advance registration is required for access to the virtual event. Register at Mcity ABC Test: A Concept for Assuring Automated Vehicle Safety.