Want to know about Michigan? Find it in U-M Press’ 1996 edition of “Michigan Statistical Abstract.”

January 31, 1997
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ANN ARBOR—Did you know that Michigan is the number one producer of cranberry beans, black turtle beans, tart cherries, navy beans, blueberries, cucumbers for pickles, potted geraniums, potted Easter lilies, and summer potatoes? Perhaps you already knew that Michigan has the fourth largest number of inventors in the United States, that the state’s population is projected to increase by more than 400,000 by the year 2005 or that only three countries—Japan, Germany, and France—produce more vehicles than the state of Michigan.

But if you didn’t know these facts, you could find them in the 1996 edition of the “Michigan Statistical Abstract” recently released by the University of Michigan Press.

After nearly a decade without a standard statistical summary, the 1996 edition reintroduces this unique information source, building on the strength of previous editions by providing additional information on issues of current interest.

Developed through consultation with librarians and other information specialists, historical data as well as the most up- to-date information is included on such topics as Michigan’s labor market, industry structure, population and housing, health and vital statistics, education, income and social welfare, law enforcement and the courts, government, and the environment. Special sections include the most current population and employment projections for Michigan.

The 664-page Abstract is available in cloth binding from the U-M Press for $49.50 by calling (313) 764-4392, by faxing an order to 1-800-876-1922 or by mail through Order Department, University of Michigan Press, P.O. Box 1104, Ann Arbor, MI 48106- 1104. Phone: (313) 647-4418

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