Law & Politics

  1. U-M researchers play role in creating new California privacy choice icon August 3, 2023
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  10. Michigan local governments face challenges spending federal COVID relief funding, U-M survey finds July 5, 2023
  11. Sentiment rises with debt ceiling resolution, slowing inflation June 30, 2023
  12. U-M SEAS names Liesl Eichler Clark inaugural director of sustainable climate action engagement June 27, 2023
  13. U-M political scientist’s work key in Supreme Court ruling, affirming Voting Rights Act June 26, 2023
  14. $18M to advance materials research for quantum computing, sustainable plastics and more June 26, 2023
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  18. Indian Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the US: U-M experts can discuss June 15, 2023
  19. $8.2M in emergency rental assistance spent at Detroit properties where landlords still moved to evict June 12, 2023
  20. Health insurance coverage rises for LGBT adults yet access lags, per study June 8, 2023