Media Training

U-M President Santa J. Ono in the studio.

U-M President Santa J. Ono prepares for a live interview in the Michigan News studio.

What is media training? Engaging with the news media is a highly effective way to inform the public about your research and its impact. But speaking with journalists can be nerve-wracking. The Michigan News team offers simple, common-sense coaching to reduce anxiety and help you best represent yourself and U-M.

Our team of former journalists offers interactive, in-person workshops covering a variety of scenarios and situations, from live broadcast interviews in our Michigan News studio to Zoom interviews from your home.

Skills you’ll learn:

  • How to handle challenging questions
  • How to identify and hone your message so you aren’t misquoted
  • How to provide reporters with what they need from you –– and how to get what you need from them
  • How to enhance your career by becoming a trusted and reliable source

Who we are: Two members of the Michigan News team will work with you, individually, or with your group. We’ll share best practices, conduct mock interviews, and offer tips for challenging situations. Our media team of storytellers and multi-media experts are former print and broadcast journalists who understand how the “other half” works.

Contact: [email protected]

Faculty testimonials:

“I appreciated the time Michigan News took to walk us
through common journalism techniques … That level of
preparation is invaluable for the real thing.”

— Steve Broglio, Director, U-M Concussion Center and
Professor, U-M School of Kinesiology

“The media work can sometimes feel exhausting, but it’s
also been quite fun. I am so grateful for the training you
gave me.”

— Joanne Hsu, Director, Surveys of Consumers