What We Do

Some of the work we do and services we offer at Michigan News:

  • Write research news and other stories to pitch to media, post on websites including Gateway, social news channels
  • Curate, write and promote stories for university initiatives including Arts & Culture, Stories of our State, Public Engagement, Academic Innovation, Sustainability.
  • Conduct media training for faculty, administrators
  • Produce live and recorded interviews in Michigan News Studio with  satellite or LTN for TV and Comrex/IP system for radio interviews
  • Produce experts advisories and videos; pitch experts on big news of the day to targeted media
  • Produce multimedia story packages for widespread sharing
  • Manage university’s membership to The Conversation U.S.
  • Advise, edit and distribute news releases from units
  • Manage multiple OVPC content and websites: Arts & Culture; Michigan Today; Michigan News; India News; Spanish; Portuguese; Chinese; Global Michigan; Engaged Michigan; translate releases in four languages
  • Manage social media news sites: Michigan News Twitter, Michigan News Facebook; Spanish; Portuguese; Chinese (Weibo, WeChat); Indian
  • Respond to media inquiries daily
  • Produce daily news clips report for 800+ internal subscribers
  • Produce In The News items daily for the Record, Gateway
  • Produce special clips/analytics for major outreach projects
  • Conduct international travel for research and project stories
  • Travel with president, deans and other executive officers overseas, arrange media interviews with international news outlets
  • Handle and credential media at major university events